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これまでにない粛々を求められる中で、 In the demand for unprecedented quietness, 自然と意識されたのは、 what was naturally conscious was 当たり前だったはずのヒトや the distance from people and things モノコトとの距離。 which has taken for granted. つながり。 It’s connection. 世界が戸惑う変化の渦中で There are relationships なお変わらなかった関係と that have not changed and relationships 劇的に変わった関係。 that have changed dramatically その関係性がもたらす知覚と感性、価値観。 in the vortex of change that confuse the world. それらと改めて向き合うことで The perception, sensibility, and values created by the relationships. 此処渋谷から何が生まれるでしょうか。 What will be born from Shibuya here by facing them again?



Tokyo as a fashion art city after Paris, Milan, New York and London.
Japan's largest fashion art event "Tokyo Creative Salon"

"The Tokyo Creative Salon" aims to position Tokyo as one of the fashion cities after Paris, Milan, New York and London. Until now, fashion and art events that had been held in each area have been integrated under the common goal of strongly transmitting the creativity of Tokyo to the world and being rolled out throughout Tokyo at the same time. This year's event, the third in the series, will be led by Seiichi Saito, the president of Panoramatics, as general producer, and will be developed into a Tokyo-wide event with exhibitions focusing on fashion, which can be said to be the most familiar form of creativity, as well as art, music, food, architecture and other creative fields.

開催期間 Period
2022年3月15日 (火)〜 3月31日 (木) March 15 (Tue) - 31 (Thu), 2022
開催エリア Venue
日本橋 / 丸の内 / 銀座 / 渋谷 / 原宿 Nihonbashi, Marunouchi, Ginza, Shibuya, Harajuku
主催 Organizer
Tokyo Creative Salon Executive Committee
[JAFIC (The Japan Apparel-Fashion Industry Council)]
後援 Support
経済産業省 Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
https://tokyo-creativesalon.com https://tokyo-creativesalon.com
  • 主催 Sponsorship
    • 渋谷ファッションウイーク実行委員会 Executive Committee of SHIBUYA FASHION WEEK
  • 特別協力 Special Cooperation
    東急グループ THE TOKYU GROUP
  • 後援 Support
    • 渋谷区(申請中) Shibuya Ward
    • 東京商工会議所渋谷支部 The Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry Shibuya branch
    • 一般財団法人渋谷区観光協会 Shibuya City Tourism Association
    • 渋谷区商店会連合会中央ブロック Shibuya Ward shopping street federation
    • 大向地区町会連合会 Omukai town council district Federation
    • 氷川地区町会連合会 Hikawa town council district Federation
    • 一般社団法人日本ファッション・ウィーク推進機構 Japan Fashion Week Organization
    • 一般財団法人 日本ファッション協会 Japan Fashion Association
    • 一般財団法人日本アパレル・ファッション産業協会 Japan Apparel・Fashion Industry Council
    • 経済産業省(申請中) Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
    • 一般社団法人日本メンズファッション協会 THE MEN'S FASHION UNITY
  • 協力 Cooperation
    • 一般社団法人渋谷駅前エリアマネジメント SHIBUYA AREA MANAGEMENT
    • 東急電鉄株式会社 TOKYU RAILWAYS
    • 渋谷のラジオ Shibuya no Radio
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