Shibuya Fashion Week 2021 Spring Shibuya Fashion Week 2021 Spring


Cross Over

様々なヒト・モノ・コトが行き交う街、渋谷。 対立と協調 不易と流行 混沌と秩序 模倣と創造 この街は、多様性を尊重し変化し続けている。 世界中が戸惑う変化も渋谷が受け入れ、その先へ。 FASHIONの語源は「創作」を意味するラテン語「factio」に由来する。 渋谷はファッションで越えていく。

Shibuya. A town with an interplay of people, tangibles, and intangibles. Conflict and harmony Eternity and vogue Chaos and order Imitation and creativity The town honors diversity and continues to transform. Even when there are changes that bewilder the world, Shibuya accepts and proceed beyond. The word “fashion” comes from the Latin word “factio,” which means “creation.” With fashion, Shibuya will transcends them.



Tokyo as a fashion art city after Paris, Milan, New York and London.
Japan's largest fashion art event "Tokyo Creative Salon"


"The Tokyo Creative Salon" aims to position Tokyo as one of the fashion cities after Paris, Milan, New York and London. Until now, fashion and art events that had been held in each area have been integrated under the common goal of strongly transmitting the creativity of Tokyo to the world and being rolled out throughout Tokyo at the same time.In this second time event, Nogizaka 46 will take part as official ambassadors and Kundo Koyama, Shigeto Teraoka, Teppei Takeda and others as creators, artists and ambassadors sequentially last year, and will send out scaled-up Japanese creativity to the whole world by developing various contents in each area.

  • 開催期間 Period
    2021年3月15日 (月) ~ 31日 (水) March 15 (Mon) - 31 (Wed), 2021
  • 実施エリア Venue
    • 日本橋 Nihonbashi
    • 丸の内 Marunouchi
    • 銀座 Ginza
    • 渋谷 Shibuya
    • 原宿 Harajuku
  • 主催 Organizer
    Tokyo Creative Salon Executive Committee [JAFIC (The Japan Apparel-Fashion Industry Council)]


クリエイティブチームの高谷健太氏が手掛けた「KANSAI YAMAMOTO」コレクションをファッションムービーとしてオンライン配信します。

In "SHIBUYA RUNWAY", a fashion brand "KANSAI YAMAMOTO" took part.
"KANSAI YAMAMOTO" Collection Mr. Quenta Takaya in Creative Team set out will be distributed online as a fashion movie.